2010 – Scotland’s Gifts


Scotland’s Gifts

A Celebration of Scotland’s Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation

April 2 – 11, 2010

From Harry Lauder to Harry Potter –  from Long John Silver to Auld Lang Syne an exhibition in celebration of Scotland’s all-time greatest gifts.

Scotland's Gifts - Presented by the Clan Currie Society

Imagine a world without television. Or telephones. Or basketball. 

A world without Harry Potter. Or Highland Bagpipes. Or Sherlock Holmes.

A world without raincoats or radar. Penicillin. Or anything plaid.

Golf is gone. So is whisky.

And the U.S. Navy never gets launched.

Imagine there’s no “Auld Lang Syne’s to sing at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Think what we’d be missing without Scotland’s many gifts.

Come see this eye-opening exhibit for a sampling of Scotland’s greatest
gifts–the surprising who, what, when, where and how of its
most essential contributions. 

You’ll  be amazed at just how much you owe to the Scots.

Produced by the Clan Currie Society

Robert Currie – Executive Producer

Marsha Lebby – Director of Research/Writer

Copyright 2010 – The Clan Currie Society